What is ERS Client Plus?

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At Encompass Risk Solutions, we believe we can deliver a very unique and rewarding partnership through a balanced mission statement, adhering to our core values, and delivering trademarked processes. We call it “ERS Client Plus.”

COMP Plus - Encompass has created a process to evaluate, educate, and empower its' clients to take Workers Compensation results to the lowest possible outcome permitted by state rating agencies. 

MARKET Plus - This ERS process allows our clients to receive the best retail, wholesale, and alternative marekt representation in the industry.  Having the right coverage at the right value starts with quality marketing. With ERS, you can be assured that is the case. Better outcomes, period!

Independent Contractor Plus -  ERS is specifically designed to handle every aspect of your company's needs when it comes to owner operators and independent contractors. Our experience in developing programs includes industry best practices. Whether you need a simple approach, or a complicated driver retention program, ERS has the solutions! 
Our Trademarked Processes